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3 Phases of weight loss and how to transition through them.

If someone told me about these phases when I started, I would have saved myself a whole lot of frustrations and self doubt. So I wrote this blog! Here is what to expect on your weight loss journey...


Phase 1: The beginning

Everybody is motivated at this stage.

You have finally make the hard decision and ready to take control of your health!

You have a plan and you know exactly how you are going to do this.

This is the phase that everything is going great and it can usually last about 5-8 weeks depending on how hard you are going. You will certainly start to notice a differences in your weight, skin and mood!

This phase is awesome and I hope you get to enjoy it as much as possible!

I remember feeling unstoppable. I exercised with a lot on intensity and added so many new things to my routine. I didn't want to take any rest days and I had my eyes on the prize!

Phase 2: Second phase

This is when life hits you! SOMETHING happens. I am not a psychic but that I have lost my motivation after experiencing family problems, health issues, moving to a new place, or I don’t know going under a lockdown for 2 years! haha!

Life doesn’t care about your goals or decisions.

Life will happen and this is your first test. It wants to test you to see how bad you want this! 

You’re not gonna like hearing this because this phases that will keep repeating itself and you need to pick things up and keep going. I can't promise you that life becomes easier but what I can promise you is that it will become easier for you to handle.

I always advice people not to get overly excited during their first phase and take it slow. Focus on HABIT BUILDING instead of playing all of your cards all at once.

There is another reason why I say this:

Let's say you are going super hard: doing cardio in the morning, on point with your diet and literally KILLING IT! Then when phase 2 comes and let’s say you have to take a week or two off then when you go back, you are going to be mentally VERY DRAINED. This is marathon , not a race. You need to pace yourself and don’t play all your cards all at once.

3. Phase: Phasing out of phase 2

If you prove that you want weight loss bad enough, then you start getting back on the horse. You’ll find a way.

It can be a new program you buy online, or a new trainer or for me it’s buying a new gym outfit or a new supplement!

Find a way to motivate yourself and when you are on track again take it slow and think about doing this for the rest of your life.

how can I make this a habit? How can I make sure I train in a way that I can maintain these habits.

My Habit Building Tips:

Some of the things I used to do:

. I put on my gym cloths as soon as I wash my face. This is a habit of mine just like brushing my teeth before bed. When you make that a habit you are just half way there.

. At night time, I play a video or a movie and I sit on the ground. That's my cue to start stretching.

. When I eat my breakfast, I go to the kitchen right away. That's y cue to make my post workout mean.

. When I bring my dog home from a walk, we go to the bath room to bush his teeth and wipe his feet!

This is called habit stacking.

After phase 3 it’s just going to be a loop! Life will keep throwing curveballs at you and you will have to be brutally honest with yourself and keep going.

Remember quitting (bad) food can be worse than quitting an addiction because the substance is legally available everywhere and everyone around you is addicted. Bad food WILL always find its way back to your life and causes a relapse.

Remember you can’t really be flexible with your diet and meals. Unfortunately, you have to be a little strict, plan things properly and build a strong foundation and core before you can take it easy and find balance.

You need to build a strong core.

Either be strict for the first year or don’t expect long lasting serious results!


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