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7 supplements to lower blood sugar fast after a cheat meal!

In this blog/video, I will talk about some awesome supplements you can use after your food or cheat meal to regulate your blood sugar. This can seriously help with weight loss since fat storage happens when you have high levels of blood sugar and insulin. If we can keep the glucose down, body will release less insulin so you have less fat stored.

Disclaimer: If you take any medications please make sure you speak to your doctor.

Berberine Extract

This supplement history goes back to 3000 years ago. Barberry was used for purification of blood and now used to lower blood glucose as well as LDL ("bad cholesterol").

From the research I have looked at, the most effective dosage is 0.9-1/5 grams. Now the problem is that these researches were conducted over 13 weeks or more. After doing more research, I realized it’s best to take is over 2-3 days around your cheat meal 500 mg 3 times per day.

Other benefits of Berberine:

Decrease intercellular calcium

Decreases blood pressure

Anti inflammatory

Natural antibiotic

Anti cancer

Decrease blood sugar

Insulin resistance

Cardiovascular Health


Is very similar to berberine and it is basically the old school insulin. it is a prescription drug prescribed to people with diabetes. There are some website you can find them online but They might be illegal actually but not to worry because berberine is actually shown to be even more effective .


Lowers blood sugar

No hypoglycemia

Reduced appetite

Regulates fat oxidation

Used for weight loss.

Perfect for prediabetics + exercise and diet can prevent you from become type 2

There was a study done on a group of people with high blood sugar and concerning lipid profiles for 13 weeks. One group used berberine and the other group used metformin. They both yielded similar results in terms of their effect on the blood glucose but berberine actually improved the lipid profile of the patients as well. This research in particular claims that berberine improves the lipid profile slightly better and since it is more affordable and more widely available.

One thing to remember is that to make sure you take it before bed, not during the day.

You can always take both of them together if you had a bigger cheat meal but If I were to chose between the two (research shows mixing both can be more effective), I would do with berberine. It is more natural, it’s cheaper and it’s legally available for purchase on Amazon!

I personally think The only reason people still use metformin and you hear about it more is that berberine is natural so it can’t be monopolized by pharmaceuticals

Ceylon Cinnamon

I had a lot of fun researching this one because there are so many different international research that studied the effect of cinnamon on blood sugar. In this section will talk about the latest researches done in Turkey.

They ran a test on 3 groups of healthy individuals for 40 days and gave them a dosage of powdered cinnamon. One group got 1g/day, other 3 and the last group got 6 grams. The group that took 6 grams showed the most improvement in blood glucose levels specially on those who had high blood glucose levels. Since 6 grams is a lot of cinnamon so it is best to take in a form of a supplement.

Remember takin too much cinnamon for too long can cause liver damage!! This is why I recommend Ceylon cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon has less Coumarin which is the chemical found in regular cinnamon which causes liver damage.

I personally like to sprinkle is on my fruits or in my coffee but if you want to take it after a serious cheat meal I recommend taking between 3-6 grams.

Don't forget to check this video out on how to recover from a cheat meal using fasting and natural remedies. Click on the picture below:


believed to help regulating blood sugar. However Chromium's effect hasn’t been fully proven and researches are yet to make a decision on it.


Turmeric has anti inflammatory benefits and helps regulate blood sugar. Let’s say if you are going to have a cup of tea at the end of the night, when your tea is a little warm, peel a turmeric root, grate it and let it sit in your tea with a pinch of black pepper and watch how the bloat after you food will completely go away instantly!

Glucose disposal agent supplements

There are also Glucose disposal agent supplements. I am not a big fan but if I were to buy one I like Revive the most. I think people who created this products are very smart and it looks like they have gone through may research to figure out the best dosage for these ingredients. Revive combines some really interesting ingredient which I am going to over

. Its main ingredient is berberine, cinnamon and chromium which we already spoke about.

. Vitamin B and C: these water soluble vitamins that help with breaking down macronutrients so it helps with digesting the carbs and the fat in the cheat meal.

. Citrus bergamot extract and grape seed extract both help with regulating cholesterol levels

. Alpha-lipoic acid is used in the body to break down carbohydrates and to make energy for the other organs in the body.

. Fenugreek has benefits for lowering blood sugar levels, boosting testosterone.

. Gymnema sylvestre fight sugar cravings and lower high blood sugar levels

And a few other ones that help these ingredient to get absorbed.

One of the reasons I don't like taking supplements is because they mix a bunch of things together and I like knowing the effect of each ingredient so I can write these blogs for you guys.

Another reason is that revive added 1.5 g of Berberine to each pill but I also personally prefer taking 500 of berberine 3 times per day as opposed to taking 1.5 all at once. When they researches, they don’t give you all of the dosage at once because your body might not absorb all of it.

This doesn't mean their product is bad I just think it is a waste of product.


Xenical will stop your body from absorbing the fat in your food. This is not something I have personally experimented with neither will I advice you to do so. This product seems a little intense because you will actually be able to see your body passing on the fat from your food in your stool. I just wanted mention it here for the purpose of this blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading this one :) let me know by liking it! thank you

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