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Become Self Disciplined With These 6 New Techniques!

You are not disciplined because you haven't been taught the skill by your parents! Here are 6 awesome techniques you can apply TODAY to become self disciplined.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

In order to become self disciplined, you have to consciously choose to do the things that make you feel uncomfortable. The biggest mistake we make is that we start with big goals like changing our diets or exercising everyday. Those are some of the hardest things to achieve.


Start with brushing your teeth with an opposite hand, or Taking a shower is a lower water temperature, make your bed more carefully or drink a glass of lemon water every morning. There may be simple tasks but they are very effective. They teach your brain that it won’t always get what it wants and it should get used to being uncomfortable sometimes.

Completing these small tasks, will reveal to you how powerful your mind is and brings you the motivation you need to tackle harder tasks.

I have actually created a program that guides you through fixing your diet and comes with a 7 day exercise plan. You can even track your progress. Click Here to download it!

Knock Knock? Who is there? Motivation. Motivation Who?

You have got to stop waiting for motivation to come knocking on your door.

It will never come.

Even if it does, it will leave you hanging. In order to succeed anything in life, you have to be disciplined and be wiling to still put the work in when it becomes boring. It might takes years to see results and you have to hold on to your small wins and use those as your motivation.

Discipline over Motivation!

Once Disciplined, Always Disciplined

How do we make sure not to fall off the wagon and stay disciplined through out our journey?

We should Have sticky notes on our bathroom mirrors to remind us of our goals on a daily basis, no matter how big or small they are. Looking at your goals and concentrating on them while you are meditating or praying will keep you in check.

Take Pictures and Keep Journals

There are always those days, weeks or months that we might not feel like ourselves. When we don't see the results we were hoping for, we usually lose our derive. It's easy to forget how hard you have worked towards our goals. Remember to take pictures through out your journey or keep a journal on your progress. We can look back at them on days you are feeling down and remember how far you have come. It will help you stay disciplined.

Keep Your Circle Small

It is not only hurtful but also distracting to be misunderstood.

We thrive when we are surrounded with people who help us understand ourselves better. Keep your circle small and full of people who understand and support you. Always ask for others opinion, keep an open mind, stay humble, and never stop learning!

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