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How to Quit Sugar and Other Unhealthy Habits Permanently!!!

Are you a sugar addict? Do you look forward to that sugary snack all day? Do you binge on sugary snacks and go to bed with a feeling of guilt? I couldn't relate to you more! I have been a sugar addict all my life. After losing 40 pounds, my passion has become helping others to be able to quit sugar and other unhealthy habits once and for all. I will share all of my secrets with you in this article.

Don't Quit Sugar

My number 1 advice is not to quit sugar! When I tried quitting sugar at first, I would not only suffer from headaches and cravings, I would literally be possessed with the idea of having something sweet for the whole day. I used to stay clean for a week but then I would end up having a tub of ice-cream on Saturday and called it a cheat day. Can you relate?

I realized telling yourself you can’t have sugar will just make you want it more so find a better substitution for it.

Don't quit sugar! Find a substitution for it:

You can replace your sugary snacks with a smaller size or something else that you like a little less. You can then slowly give less calorie ice-creams a try and I promise you will grow to love them.

I used to have Nutella on a regular basis. I switched to chocolate flavored Greek yogurt; They are 100 calories and it had 11 -13 grams of carbs so I considered to be less calorie dense than my regular Nutella snacks and I was happy with that. Even though they are still full of added sugar, I would have one or two of those everyday.

After that, I switched to chocolate puddings and continued enjoying those for a long time.

My next choices were SUGAR FREE puddings, sugar free candies, and diet soda. I knew they are not the healthiest options but for me, it was better option over going back to my sugar addiction.

Take Your Time

Accept that this a life style change and it won't happen overnight. Quitting sugar cold turkey will just put you back to where you started. My number one advice is to make sure you take your time and not rush into this. After all, I am sure you have tried that route many times before. Why don't you give my way a try and see how that turns out?

I took me 3 years to create the lifestyle I have today and I am not going to lie, I do enjoy an occasional sugary snack on special occasions. What keeps me on track is the horrible feeling after having that piece of cake! If I consume sugar after a long time, I will instantly feel insulin spike in my blood immediately and makes me feel "fat" or "bloated" right away. It becomes more challenging the day after because I would go through real withdrawals that will leave me wanting more sugar!

Once an addict, Always an Addict

The Golden Tip

Never be too hungry: Our supermarkets are flooded with bad food that are rich in sugar and vegetable oils which are the two food groups we want to stay way from! When you are hungry your insulin levels are low and all you will be craving are things that will spike your insulin to make you feel full and "happy"! The secret of not craving bad food is to make sure you are never starving.

Take it Seriously

This is not a goal many people can achieve and it requires a type of effort most people are not willing to make. Your friend might make you feel that you are taking this way too seriously and make you feel "uncool". You need to learn to ignore that. Your friends love and support you and their job is to make you feel comfortable. It comes from a place of love not place of hate. However you know what’s best for you and what you need to do to achieve something most people struggle with.

Remember If I didn’t take this seriously, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

“One bad meal is not going to make you fat”

One meal might not make you fat but it will kick you off the track. Being serious about your plans and doing what others won’t do will build you into the new person you want to be. Isn’t that what you want deep inside your heart? Don’t you want to break free and show everyone how capable you are?

Become selfish but in a good way. Stay focused on your goals and people who love you will always praise you for it and those who question you are probably people who don’t set really big goals for themselves.

Cheat Days

If you must have a cheat day, plan It ahead. Plan your meals ahead and know exactly what you are going to eat and when you are going to eat it. That was, your brain learns that it needs to stick to the plan. This will help you become discipline with your diet.

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