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Techniques to Help with Impulsive Eating

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

If you have ADHD like me or you are somebody who makes impulsive decisions to eat the type of food that is not the best options for you, this article will teach you how to control your impulses!

Impulsivity or acting without thinking is a very common behavior in people like us with ADHD. This makes is so hard for us to stick to a certain diet. Others like to eat when they are emotional , stressed or bored. How do we control these impulses?

Don't Ignore Your Cravings

It always starts with a thought and the thought sticks in your head and literally takes control of your brains and walk you towards buying or getting that “bad food”. When you ignore your cravings, it will just come back and haunt you. Address your craving.

Ask yourself what is it that I am craving right now?

Take a few deep breaths from your stomach, This helps lower your anxiety and calms you down.

Then try to think of the reasons why you shouldn't indulge in those sweet sweet treats! These are usually my reasons:

1. I love my body, Sugar is unhealthy and I don’t want to give my body something unhealthy.

2. It is addictive so If I have it now, I will want more of it soon.

4. I love feeling healthy and energetic and sugar does the opposite to my body.

5. Sugar makes me feel good for 5 minutes and but bad for a whole day

This technique works for me 100% of the time because I recently have started to value my health over my physical appearance.

Cheat Meals to the Rescue!

If you are starting your journey, I think cheat meals will save your life!!!

Looking forward to cheat meals really helped me structure my brain. Every time I had a thought of eating something bad, I told myself, you can have it on Saturday and that helped me stay clean through out the week. Although, I don’t do cheat meals anymore, I recommend it If you are starting out specially if you have ADHD.

It is always better to eat unhealthy once per week as opposed to eating unhealthy every single day!

The One-Hour Rule

When you feel like you are craving something you don't want to have:

  1. Eat your regular healthy food or something a little healthier than you have in mind

  2. Drink water

  3. Do your breathing exercises

  4. wait for an hour

I promise you you won't be craving that food after doing this!


ALWAYS buy low calorie snacks that have lower sugar contents.

In this video, and my future program I will go over some awesome sugary snack substitute you can buy or make at home to get over your sugar cravings! My program is FREE for the first 10 people who sign up so if you are interested DM me on Instagram and I will add you to my list!

Grocery Shopping

Will power is not enough! You need a PLAN!

NEVER go grocery shopping hungry and ALWAYS take a list with you.

Imagine going to the source of all food when you are hungry and you have ADHD! You are setting yourself up for failure. The only advice is to stay away from those isles, never go hungry and

stick to your grocery list!

Track Track Track!

MyFitnessPal changed my life! I am not affiliated with them or anything and please try to use the App that works for you but I am telling you when I started logging my food it automatically changed everything and I started seeing results! I had watched videos and done a ton of diets but until I started putting my food in that app, everything just clicked in my head.

It doesn't do magic or anything, it just makes you become very conscious about your food.

Even if you did it for a week, you will become conscious about you food portions and how much you are eating and it makes a huge difference on how you view food. This is needed specially if you are over weight and want to seriously change things.


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