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Things You Should Do to Ace Math with ADHD. (Helix Academy)

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

These strategies have not only helped me take my ADHD under control and get a degree in Physics, but my students have benefited from them greatly as well. Click here to read my google reviews.

Let's Dive Right In!

“In my opinion, ADHD is a superpower. Once you learn how your brain functions, there is no stopping you to do anything in life".

In this video I will share all of my tips and tricks on how we can ace math with ADHD.

Environment & Time Management

People who have ADHD tend to be hyper focused on tasks they really enjoy doing which puts them in a great mood. Since math might not be everyone's favorite subject, we need to make sure we are in a positive and organized environment. Do this by finding a quiet space to work and declutter your desk.

People with ADHD tend to be more stressed and anxious, therefore leaving things for the last minute is not the best route to take when studying for a Math exam. I always recommend to start our review at least 2-3 weeks before our exam.

Get Organized

It is crucial for us to have organized notes since we will be referring back to them before our exam. Each chapter should have a dedicated folder that includes the course outline, equations, sample tests and etc. I will get in more details in my video.

Since our brain find it hard to stay focused on one task, we should always have a small notebook on us while we are studying; so we can write down the little things that pop into our head so we can worry about it later.

Take Smart Notes

Our notes for each chapter should include:

  1. Outline

  2. Equation

  3. Khan Academy Example With Solution

  4. Text Book Exercise (Add questions tags (explained in the video)

  5. Label

  • Questions that might show up on your Exam, yellow

  • Questions you can't solve, red

  • Equations, green


A normal person has a forgetting curve that looks like the image below. They forget 30% of the material within a day.

In order to make sure we remember everything we study today, we need to make a conscious effort to do a review in the following morning and the night before the exam.

The Feynman Method

The Feynman Method works like magic. If you study with the purpose of teaching it to someone else, specially for Math, you will get much deeper. If you can understand it, you can teach it.

Take Short Breaks

Research has shown our learning curves damps after 50 minutes. Every 50 min take a short break of 7-10 minutes.

Try avoiding electronics and let your brain rest and calm down from its excited state. Meditating and a quick stretch works like magic!

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