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Weight loss
& Living with ADHD

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Sugar Replacement Recipes

Simple recipes you can make quickly with natural sugar or natural 0 calorie sweetners.

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Introductory Nutrition Guide $10.99 USD

This diet is perfect for people who have already cleaned up their diet and ready to give my diet a try! This program is perfect for those who plan to lose over 20 lbs. There are lots of options to choose from!

Healthy Lunch

Free Diet and Exercise plan

A guide to clean up your own diet and a basic diet and exercise program you can follow for 8 weeks.


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Hire me as your couch!

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Fresh Vegetables

Vegetable Guide

If you are ever confused about what vegetables to pick at the grocery store and which ones to avoid make sure you download this list which will help you do just that.


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About Me

my name is Sepi and I'm passionate about health, nutrition, weight loss, and living with ADHD. As someone who has personally lost over 50 pounds and understands the challenges of living with ADHD, im excited to share my experiences, knowledge, and tips with you to help you on your own health journey.

I am all about providing practical, evidence-based information and strategies that you can implement in your daily life to improve your health, optimize your nutrition, manage your weight, and thrive with ADHD.

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