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How to LASER FOCUS with adhd: Intermediate ADHD Exercises That Work!

If you've already seen my first video on basic exercises to help improve your focus, you know I'm all about PRACTICAL advice. I don't just tell you to get better sleep and cut your caffeine; I provide exercises and practices that will minimize your need for caffeine and improve your sleep quality without making you feel guilty about your lifestyle.

What we have talked about so far..

I'm super excited to share this new set of intermediate focus exercises! In my first video, we covered easy-to-do activities that anyone can start right away. We talked about how to watch movies, how to brush our teeth, visualizing skills, useful breathing exercises, and the benefits of fasting and certain types of exercise for improving focus.

Who am I?

If you’re new here, my name is Sepi. I'm passionate about health, nutrition, weight loss, and living with ADHD. Having personally lost over 50 pounds and navigating life with ADHD, I'm excited to share my experiences, knowledge, and tips to help you on your health journey. My videos are all about providing practical, evidence-based information and strategies that you can implement in your daily life to improve your health, optimize your nutrition, manage your weight, and thrive with ADHD. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness, covering topics such as healthy eating, exercise, stress management, sleep, and strategies specifically tailored for those with ADHD.

Intermediate Focus Exercise 1: Observing Water Droplets

This exercise helps you become more present and pay attention to your senses. We live in a visually overstimulated world, especially the younger generation. Parents often complain about how distracted their kids are with their phones, and it’s hard to blame them. They grew up in front of screens. Here’s an exercise to help without feeling guilty about screen time.

How to Do It:

  1. Create a calm environment with no music, preferably dim and quiet. You can light a candle or incense

  2.  Let the water run through the faucet with a steady flow.

  3. Start gazing at the water droplets as they fall. Pay attention to how they collide with each other or the sink.

  4. Focus on the rhythm of the water. If you get distracted, it's normal. Just blink a few times and get back to it or use a "safe word" like “pish posh” to redirect your focus.

Goal: Start with 3-5 minutes and build up to 10 minutes. Over time, this exercise will sharpen your mind and help you become more present.

Intermediate Focus Exercise 2: Active Listening

This next exercise improves your ability to process auditory information, enhancing your focus and cognitive skills.

How to Do It (For Adults):

  1. Choose a friend or family member who loves talking.

  2. Engage in the conversation, ask questions, and focus solely on listening without planning your response.

  3. If you get distracted, politely ask them to repeat what they just said.

For Kids:

  1. Read them a story or have them listen to one.

  2. Ask them to repeat the key points back to you. If they forget, replay the part and ask again.

Intermediate Focus Exercise 3: Reading

Reading is a skill that requires serious attention. It can reduce stress by up to 68% and improve brain connectivity and focus.

How to Start:

  1. Choose a short book or story. Self-help books or those related to ADHD and nutrition are great choices.

  2. Use a modified Pomodoro technique: read for 2 minutes, then take a 30-second break. Gradually increase the reading time.

  3. Use a safe word like “pish posh” if you get distracted.

Goal: Build up to reading for 25 minutes with a 5-minute break.

Intermediate Focus Exercise 4: Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga combines physical asanas with breathwork and mindfulness, enhancing focus beyond belief.

How to Practice:

  1. Learn basic asanas through YouTube or a yoga class.

  2. Memorize the asanas and combine them with breathwork and mindfulness. Find classes here.

Goal: Practice for 30 minutes to an hour daily. This will help you stay present and improve your mental clarity.


I hope you found these tips helpful. We learned how to focus on water flow, actively listen, read effectively, and practice Hatha Yoga to boost our attention. Remember, consistency is key. Start today and enjoy the journey!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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