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10 Rules for social success: Adhd and Popularity

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If you've ever found yourself navigating the tricky terrain of friendships and popularity, this video is tailor-made for you. From being an invisible Iranian immigrant to becoming the life of the party, I've got some insights and 10 golden rules to share that can transform your social dynamics. Let's dive into the world of ADHD and friendships, and I promise, you'll come out armed with valuable tools for your journey.



#1. Be Yourself, Be Genuine:

Are you tired of overthinking, sharing too much, or saying things you regret? The first rule is to embrace your authentic self. Learn to shut off those judgmental thoughts and let positive energy flow. Discover the power of being genuine without trying to fit into specific images or identities. When you judge less, you'll notice a positive transformation in how people

perceive you.

adhd and popularity
adhd and popularity

#2. Not Everyone Will Like You:

Acceptance is key. Realize that not everyone will resonate with your style, and that's perfectly fine. Focus on those who appreciate you for who you are. Recognize when someone isn't vibing with you, and gracefully move on. The key to making lots of friends is staying true to yourself while embracing those who appreciate your uniqueness.

#3. Manage Expectations:

Friendships thrive when expectations are kept in check. Don't keep a mental tally of favors or invitations. Understand that everyone plays different roles in friendships, and embracing these differences is crucial for lasting connections. Accept and love people for who they are, and your friendships will flourish.

#4. Cultivate Genuine Interest:

Listening is a superpower, especially for individuals with ADHD. Practice the art of shutting up and genuinely listening to others. Develop this skill over time by entering conversations in a calm and meditative state. By showing authentic interest, you not only make others feel heard but also create a foundation for meaningful connections.

adhd and ppularity

#5. Read People and Situations:

As individuals with ADHD, our sensitivity can be a superpower in reading people and situations. Pay attention to what others value in friendships and use this insight to strengthen your connections. Being thoughtful about others' preferences can go a long way in building closer relationships.

#6. Avoid Overanalyzing:

Stop the habit of overthinking and analyzing people's behavior. People are complex, and their actions may not always align with your expectations. Instead of breaking people down into pieces, accept them as they are. Being cool and not overhyping people in your head will help you maintain healthier connections.

#7. Be Cool:

adhd and popularity

Maintaining composure is crucial in social situations. Avoid getting upset over minor issues and remember that everyone has their own life. Being cool attracts people to you, fostering a positive environment for friendships to thrive.

#8. Be Happily Involved:

Be actively engaged in your social interactions. Make plans, be present, and give everything your 100%. Prioritize keeping your mind and spirit healthy by practicing self-care activities like meditation, exercise, and healthy eating. A healthy mind attracts positive connections.

#9. Be Interesting & Confident:

Confidence is attractive, but avoid coming off as a know-it-all. Have a passion or hobby, and be confident about it. Share your expertise when asked, but don't overwhelm conversations with unsolicited advice.

#10. Show Interest in Everyone:

Demonstrate a genuine interest in people from all walks of life. Find common ground and connect with others by showing curiosity and openness. Break down barriers and discover the beauty in diverse connections.

There you have it—10 rules to navigate friendships with ADHD. Remember, the journey to making friends might take some effort, but the rewards are worth it. Share your tips in the comments, and let's continue supporting each other on this incredible journey. Thanks for watching, and see you in the next blog! 👋✨


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